How do I get rid of things I don’t need? (clothes, books, etc.)

Nowdays we tend to consume more and more. Both in terms of quantity and types of products, which for me has sort of locked me into a circle which I’ve decided to break. 

In fact, for years I had this bad habit of buying all the clothes and products I see in stores. But when I come home, I realize that the product I bought was of little use to me. I can take the example of clothes. I used to wear clothes one time and never again. As a result of the accumulation, I realized that they were taking up space. I had them everywhere. In closets, cupboards, chest of drawers and wardrobes. EVERYWHERE. 

There are also books which i bought under the table as they are known, or even for school and activities books that our parents buy from us during the holidays and that we use 3 times a year. With all this stuff i ended up asking myself:  

How can I get rid of things which a don’t need?  

The waste bin being well known for being were people throw away things which are not usable, the first idea which came into my mind was to throw away things which I don’t need in a waste bin. 

I noticed right away that it was very complicated for me to throw away all my stuff in the bin. Throwing away an object and completely different from throwing twenty or more. If I had to throw away all my belongings i would need tons of waste bags. And since I didn’t want my mother to see the object she bought for me in the trash, I immediately gave up on the idea. 

The only solution at that time was to keep my objects. Till the day i decided that it wasn’t ok to keep everything. Another question came to my head.

How can i get rid of things I don’t need while giving them a second life?      

In order to respond to this problem and to finally find a solution for this overflow of objects I turned to social media. In search of ethical solutions which support sustainable development, I ended up with two solutions : resale and donation of objects.  

To resale

To Resale simply consists of selling objects which are no longer used. Thus, it allows to sell objects that are not damaged and that are in good condition to be reused by another person while earning money on the purchase price in which the object was purchased. There are several ways to do resale. The most well-known method of selling is by internet using sites such as Vinted, eBay etc. But there is also other way like flea markets. 

I opted for an online sale especially on Vinted .

Since the profits from the sales were entirely returned to the seller, I saw an advantage in selling the clothes in very good condition without paying any fees and thus making some money. Thus, the buyers of these objects will be able to take advantage of them at the least cost. The small drawback of resale and that buyers despite low prices expect a use of the product roughly equivalent to a new object. And since the products are sometimes damaged or in poor condition, it is sometimes impossible to resell products. And that’s when donation of object comes in. 

Donation of objects

Since I can’t sell everything, instead of throwing away the products in the regular trash can. Some of these objects can be used again. Therefore, it is better to donate objects. In France, there are many organizations which allows people to make donations. Whether it’s national, or even at international level. There are also more and more small businesses and associations which organizes collections of clothes or objects in order to give them a new life.

Living in the city centre of Strasbourg, the easiest way is to deposit objects such as clothes in collection bins which are located all over the city. Thanks to the website Le relais It is easier to visualize via internet the collection bins for clothes throughout France. 

The positive point of object donations is that it is easy to give. For books, for example, it is easy to find book boxes in public places such as parks. 

Resale and donations of objects are practices which I try to integrate little by little into my daily life. These practices are as beneficial to me as they are for the society. These are basic practices. There are obviously a multitude of ways to give objects a second life. However, in the long term, the best solution would be for me to assess whether a product really meets my needs and thus reduce my consumption.  .

And you what are your practices regarding consumption and recycling? 


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