If i were

Hello everybody, I hope you’re okay. We find ourselves today for the tag “If i were” For those who do not know the principle of this tag, it is a literary game that allows to detect certain aspects of personality, of a person through the identification of this one with certain elements (places, nature, objects, culture, etc.)

Here is my portrait inspired by the blog ” N’oublie pas d’écrire “.

Disclaimer: I am French living in Strasbourg and from Comoros islands . My goal is to learn English while practicing my passion which is blogging. If you see any mistakes, please correct me so I can improve my English level. Thank you.

If I were a plant I would be a peperomia albovittata.

If I were a country I would be the Comoros Islands. What would I be without my islands…

If I were a city I would be Galway. I strongly advise you if you ever go to Ireland to take a ride to Galway. It’s a beautiful city! In fact I did a little article about the city of Galway.

If I were a place in my house, I would be my office. Because when i’m in my office, i’m productive.

If I were an art I would be the seventh art. I love drama and police movies.

If I were a music I would be RHOLALA . This is my rap music discovery of the year.

If I were an everyday object I would be my computer. My whole life is in my computer. Whether it’s my courses, social media, the blog or even my picyures.

If I were a book I would be Brand Success Volume 2. A book about the 50 outstanding new successes of marketing and communication. A motivating book that traces the history of brands and their creators and how they manage to stand out from the others.

If I were a video game, I’d be Fortnite. Although I’m not a pro gamer, Fortnite is definitely the most effective way to let off steam during the week.

If I were a show, I’d be Narcos Colombia. I already seen films and documentaries about Pablo escobar, but for the moment this seri shows more detailed sides of the lifestyle of people even ifsome parts are fictitious.

If I were a dish I’d be spaghetti bolognese with good Parmesan and basil. Yummy !

If I were a sport, I’d be yoga.

If I were a movie I would be Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s not my generation at all, but the movie is just Amazing! I saw it three times in the movies to tell you how much he left me speechless.

If I were a dessert I’d be a plain cheesecake.

If I were a cocktail I would be a Virgin mojito. And yes I don’t drink alcohol.

If I were a perfume I would be Lancôme’s perfume “Life is Beautiful” . I’ve been wearing it for almost three years and it’s my boyfriend’s favorite perfume.

If I were a treat I would be sweet and caramelized popcorn. An essential treat to watch movies.

what is your portrait?

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