My guilty pleasures

We have all these guilty little pleasures that we do secretly, when no one sees us. Which I find quite funny when I think about it. Personally, I have quite a few and here are a few.

Disclaimer : I’m french, from Comoros islands and based in Strasbourg. My goal is to learn English while practicing my passion which is blogging. If you see any mistakes, please correct me so i can improve my English level. Thank you.

What I love doing is watching couples and wedding videos. I don’t know about you, but it gives me great pleasure to see couples together and happy. I admit that it makes me a bit jealous, but still it remains beautiful to see 🥰🥰🥰🥰

I love watching reality TV, especially American reality TV. You know the shows where everyone is banging each other and then with the problems of couples, friendships. I love it!! I find them too funny and as it is without censorship, we have access to all the scenes. A real pleasure.

Eat fast food. I hate to eat fast food. For me fast food does not reflect the quality of food. I prefer fresh and less modified products. I think they have better tastes. But I admit that sometimes after school, with the hunger and the tons of additives they put on I allow myself to spend McDonald’s on the sly to soothe my cravings.

I listen to pop music secretly. Do you also listen to popular music that you wouldn’t normally listen to? You know the ones that go on the radio all day. I hate listening to them, but they’re so in my head that I listen to them.

I always lick the lid of the yogurt pot before eating it. This is an essential step. I can’t eat my yogurt unless I do it in public, of course.

I am interested in the salary of “rich” people. I am the kind of person who is interested in the salary of stars and famous personalities. When I look at the salaries, I think that if I do the same thing as them, I might be as rich as them. And I do it all the time and with anyone. Be it actors, business leaders. In fact as soon as the person is rich.

Ever since I was little, I’ve dreamed of being a singer. So as soon as I hear music that I love, I look for the lyrics, learn them by heart and improvise myself as a singer in my room with a fake microphone while hoping that no one can hear me.

I love to take pictures of what I eat or drink. I find it very beautiful to look at. It might be necessary to make an album, who knows?

I love to write my courses like a book. With chapters, A, a, 1, points etc… And to highlight colors. In fact, my classes are more about being beautiful than being learned 😂😂😂

I spend money even and especially when my bank account is negative. I don’t know why. It is as if the less I have, the more I feel this need to spend.

I avoid my neighbors. And yes, it’s not done, but I don’t like to take the elevator with my neighbors. So when I hear them or see them, what I do is I quickly push the button to close the doors so I don’t have to talk to them. So I do not cross them!! Hi hi 😅

And what are your guilty pleasures?

5 thoughts on “My guilty pleasures

    1. Haha ! Enfin quelqu’un comme moi. Ça fait plaisir à lire.

      Merci beaucoup. C’est vrai que depuis que je suis passé à l’anglais, j’ai peur de faire des fautes. Mais si tu me dis que c’est bon, c’est que c’est surement le cas.

      Je t’envoi du love !

      Liked by 1 person

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